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Shirley is amazing with her patience, coaching, and sensitivity to a person's needs. She is always available when I call her and is very informative with her knowledge of the product. She wants you to be successful!


Posting Date: 26 August 2015
Posted By: Iris S

Thank you Shirley for getting me back on track with releasing that unwanted fat. I love your scale with details. And by following the Ideal Protein protocol correctly, all my numbers went in the right direction - weight down, muscle up, and fat gone. It was so professional when you also worked with me regarding medications and responded with how to modify the plan so I really got great results while taking good care of myself. The recipes and suggestions are super helpful (although I like a lot of the Ideal Protein food prepared they way they suggest too). Looking forward to continuing with you (and IP).


Posting Date: 19 July 2015
Posted By: Robin J

The diet is amazing! Shirley is an awesome coach - very informative, caring and detailed. She spends a tremendous amount of time helping to make the experience positive and successful. She emails info - texts great recipes and more - for a very minimal one time fee. This is all Shirley does so she is very focused and knowledgeable. I've been to another clinic in town that sells the same diet product(s). However that clinic doesn't follow the plan - doesn't give the education or personal time. Their clinic charged me an outrageous fee for little to no counseling and they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to sell you all of their personal products and services (chiro - massage - their visits - etc). I live about 3 miles from that clinic - but drive the extra 20 miles to Shirley. It is well worth it!


Posting Date: 29 April 2015
Posted By: A J

I want to thank Ideal Protein and my coach Shirley Monroe in Cathedral City, CA for making me a happy, healthy person. When I came to IP I was depressed and hurting. I took 8 prescription pain pill, a depression pill and an anxiety pill daily. I lost 35 lbs. My body is detoxed and I take 3 pain pills a day for arthritis. The weight I lost helped my knees and my attitude. I still weigh 120 and always will, because of my wonderful dedicated coach Shirley.


Posting Date: 30 August 2014
Posted By: Dieter Desert Hot Springs

My blood pressure was sky high, so I called a relative in Southern California, who had been on Ideal Protein. She didn't know of a correlation between the diet and lowering BP, but instincts told me that they are connected. At first, I was skeptical about the program, so tried to go it alone for a month. I went down a few pounds, then back up. Renee was very kind, even though, I didn't sign up immediately. She is a gentle coach and encouraging, but really wants it to be self driven. I am excited to say, I am just finishing my 7th week; my blood pressure is normal, and I have lost 25 pounds. I feel great and relatively sated with the intervals and food options. Soon I will start phase 2. It still takes focus but the rewards are enormous. Don't hesitate to go to Reformations if you want to finally do it. AND Don't cheat!


Posting Date: 11 June 2013
Posted By: Kathy A

Love Ideal Protien!!!! The best diet I have ever been on I have not weight this much in over 8 years. I started at the end of July and have lost almost 40 lbs. Now working on my final 20. Plan is easy, especially if you work full time and have kids at home. No separate meal has to be made for me, I can eat with the rest of the family. One benefit that has come from this program is that my entire family is eating better. Renee is great and very flexible with my crazy schedule.


Posting Date: 25 January 2013
Posted By: Seana M

My sister started the program and after a few weeks recommended it to me. I had spent years trying to get my body to maintain a healthy weight without success. When menopause hit I lost hope. I started the program on the day after Thanksgiving and in 2 short months have almost reached my goal even with the holidays and all the temptations. Renee has been the best and has encouraged me to keep with it. It is the first time I have been on a program where I haven't felt deprived or hungry. I am really looking forward to moving to the next phase which is adding more variety to my diet and learning how to maintain my weight. I feel better than I have for years. I highly recommend the program and cannot say enough good things about Renee. Dont let your age, your weight, your fear of failure stop you. This works and works in a healthy way. My metabolism is higher now than it was when I first started. My body fat is in the optimum range and my weight is at a very healthy level. Is it worth it? YES


Posting Date: 22 January 2013
Posted By: Susan D

This is the best program I have ever tried - so far have lost 10 lbs in just over three weeks - I don't feel hungry at all. It's easy to follow and more important easy to stick with! Renee is GREAT and is very motivating to stay on track! Can't wait to see the next 10lbs melt away!


Posting Date: 15 November 2012
Posted By: Deborah M

A friend told me about the great success she was having loosing weight with Reformation Body Solutions using Ideal Protein. I was desperate for help. I started the next day. 65 days later, I've lost over 30 pounds. I could cry thinking about how this has changed my life. I feel fantastic. I have honestly never felt more healthy and vibrant. I still have 45 pounds to go but know it is within reach with Renee's support. Follow the rules and the weight just falls off. The hardest part of this diet for me has been believing that I really have lost that much weight in such a short period of time! If you are looking for a diet, this is one!


Posting Date: 09 November 2012
Posted By: Meg P

I have tried many protocols, but this one is the easiest to follow, has great products with lots of variety and best of all, it works! I lost 6 lbs of body fat in the first couple of weeks. It takes a couple of days to get in the groove, but once that happens, it is smooth sailing. Renee is great to work with. She understands the program and understands my goals. I have since reached my goals of decreasing body fat and building lean muscle, but I am sticking with the Ideal Protein packets because they are so nutritious and delicious! It is high quality, minimally processed protein that works as a great supplement even when not following the protocol. I highly recommend it!


Posting Date: 31 August 2012
Posted By: Tina D

I have been taking Ideal Protein program for the past two weeks and it is literally amazing! I am feeling and looking better than I have in years! I highly recommend this program for a new way of living healthy and slim!


Posting Date: 28 August 2012
Posted By: Jenna E

This is my first experience having a diet that truly worked! I have lost 20 lbs in 2 months and it has stayed off. Renee has gone over and above to make sure I'm meeting my goals!!! Highly recommended 5 stars!


Posting Date: 07 August 2012
Posted By: Lori S

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